Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monica Bellucci Nude-ish Fashion Photos

The Italian beauty Monika Bellucci naked, besides to be the wife to actor Vincent Kesselju, mum of the daughter the Maiden, 4, and the actress, it is occupied by the career of modelling (and I can see why). 43-year-old posed for a problem in September of Talker Rassii, and it looks surprising! It is more than beauty after jump! Bellucci also has made promoting shots ots for
Millions not suspecting young fanboys accumulated to see a Matrix Recharged (2003), and left with the whole new obsession: that stuffy and beautiful occurrence of the brunette female fire who played seductive Persephone. The person who has washed off by passion of supermodel. Fleshy depression of a bomb. Curves of hypnosis of twisting of meat of a place. Her name - Monica Bellucci; it from Italy; it stunned the European spectators... The reads more Monica Bellucci naked: